Latest Works

I cried when Sue Bird told the world she’s gay

What’s in a main? Why Ricki Ortiz might have to give up on Chun-Li



All Amanda Nunes is asking for is a little respect

Joanna Jedrzejczyk is undefeated and she intends to stay that way

Michelle Waterson has the UFC star power — she just needs to keep on winning

Holly Holm wants to add a featherweight title to her collection

Meet Amanda Nunes, the fighter largely forgotten in the lead-up to UFC 207


Lady Vols recruit Anastasia Hayes hits the ground (and the mall) running in Knoxville

From All-American to activist, Seattle Storm’s Breanna Stewart embraces speaking out on issues

UConn alumni cheer on the huskies for their 100th straight win

Kia Nurse steers huskies towards 100th consecutive victory

Stefani Dolson: ‘I am who I am’

Minnesota’s Rachel Banham is ready to take her game to the WNBA

UConn freshman, Katie Lou Samuelson, finds her footing


Inside the fan movement to save ‘Pitch’ and get Ginny Baker back on the mound

Jessie Graff is a stuntwoman, black belt, and American Ninja Warrior

Becoming Ginny Baker: ‘Pitch’ actress Kylie Bunbury transforms for the role of a lifetime

What it takes to be a ‘Ghostbusters’ stuntwoman

Divisi fights for female a cappella groups at ICCA finals

LGBTQ Topics

Why swimming against Katie Ledecky isn’t the difficult part for G Ryan

Campus Sexual Assault

Is any school properly managing sexual assault on campus?


Sports & Culture Commentary

NCAA, ACC, and NBA say they’re pro-LGBT — now is their chance to prove it

Rapinoe will be painted as selfish, but her kneel was selfless

While the NCAA disapproves of HB2, it perpetuates LGBTQ discrimination elsewhere

The NBA moved the All-Star game, but could do more

We need to stop leaving women out of the discussion on police brutality

Turning Moments into Momentum for LGBT Equality

Why Gilbert Arenas’ Comments Matter

Despite vote, here’s why the NFL & NCAA should keep events in Houston

Why we should care about Tyson Fury’s sexism

Why ‘FIFA ’16’ is a landmark for women

How the women of ‘American Ninja Warrior’ are redefining femininity

On contemporary sports culture: homophobia

On contemporary sports culture: “Protecting” women by policing them

On contemporary sports culture: Privileging masculinity

On Monica Lewinsky, Patricia Arquette, #BoycottIndiana, and public shaming

To the Corporations and Entertainers Boycotting States

The Differing Responses to Anti-LGBT Laws in Georgia and North Carolina

The most important thing in this Kim Davis Mess

It may be weak, but the KKK still breathes

Television/Film Commentary & Criticism

ABC’s When We Rise explores LGBTQ equality

The Challenge’s 29th Season offers athletic feats and full-blown drama

Brown Girls is bold, beautiful, and breathtakingly brave

MTV’s Sweet/Vicious is the best show you’re not watching

Thank you, Carrie Fisher

‘American Crime’ Season 2 Finale: What was the Point?

Why the Recent Deaths on The CW Matter

LGBT Fans Deserve Better: The Fandom Uprising Demands Better Representation

Another queer woman died on TV and people are pissed

“Keepers of the Game” Breaks New Ground‘Jessica Jones’ is the show we’ve been waiting for

It’s time to halt the Amy Schumer coronation

Straight Outta Compton’: Another step in the legacy of erasing Black women

It’s time for a revival of the teen girl dramedy

New TV show ‘Supergirl’ surpasses meager expectations

On ‘Pitch Perfect’, ‘Mean Girls’and the limits of satire

Waiting for ‘Captain Marvel’ is getting old

Before Olivia Pope, there was Miranda Bailey

Why 50 Shades of Grey is important


Chris Mosier — Trans athlete participation & Mack Beggs

UConn President Susan Herbst

Priyanka Chopra – “Quantico”

Krysten Ritter – “Marvel’s Jessica Jones”

Judd Ehrlich – Director of “Keepers of the Game”

John Ridley – Co-creator of “American Crime” and Oscar winner

Wade Davis – Executive Director of You Can Play Project


Finding my family through Ohio State football on Saturdays

Coming out wasn’t the hardest part of realizing I’m queer

When basketball became a stranger

What I learned from getting trolled during the super bowl

On reclaiming and revisiting my masculinity

To the TSA agent who likes my watch

On why I don’t fully believe in God vs. Gays

On queered masculinity and misogyny

A feminists internal conflict of watching, and loving, football

This is not my ‘Cinderella’

I will always remember my Indiana

The secret double life of a gay basketball coach

A portrait of sisterhood

On traveling while different

Photo Essays

Tonia Osborne – The Balancing Act

Jake Hofheimer –  At home in the outfield

Soccer on the Street



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