In addition to Katie’s work in journalism, they connect with students at college campuses and high schools across the country. Recently, they have spoken at Lehigh University, Texas A&M San Antonio, University Minnesota Duluth, Quinnipiac University, and others. Katie would love the opportunity to bring their experiences and knowledge to your institution either as a keynote speaker or workshop facilitator.

As a non-binary person of color, Katie is committed to using their voice, visibility and platforms to bring attention to the issues that marginalized people face.

Topics Katie enjoys speaking about and does work around includes

  • LGBTQ Topics in Athletics
  • Telling Impactful Stories
  • Leveraging student leadership experience into a career
  • Navigating the world/workplace as a non-binary person
  • Social Justice Leadership

Katie is happy to customize a program and/or workshop for your campus, and have given keynote addresses  at special events including Lavender Graduations, Martin Luther King Day ceremonies, and unity/diversity celebrations.

If you’re interested in starting a conversation about Katie coming to your campus in the coming months, please fill out the short form below.

What folks are saying about Katie

“Katie’s presence and aura leaves a profound impact on everyone around them. They’re always genuine and unafraid to bring their full self to the table. I’ll forever be grateful I had the opportunity to work with and get to know Katie.” — Kev, Lehigh University Student

“Katie’s keynote was incredibly informative. They provided an excellent survey of how social issues manifest within athletics & created clear ties to issues that pertain to everyone. Their willingness to spend additional time directly connecting with students also created immense positive impact for those invested in social change & truth-telling journalism work on our campus.” — RB Brooks, Coordinator, Sexuality and Gender Equity Initiatives, University of Minnesota Duluth

“Katie is an expert communicator and fantastic relationship builder. Their ability to communicate and connect across difference is inspirational and we loved hosting Katie for both a keynote and workshop. From start to finish, Katie’s visit was personable and their approach is one that you do not forget. I would highly recommend them for all types of events and will undoubtedly be inviting Katie back to Lehigh University in the very near future.”— Scott Burden Jr.,  Pride Center Associate Director, Lehigh University