The price and payoff of Kelsey Plum’s obsession with winning

August 26, 2022 |

PLASTIC BAGS DRAPED over her arms, a 9-year-old Kelsey Plum stomped across the backyard at her family’s Poway, California, home. She bent down and scooped up the sunbaked droppings that her dog, Riley Jane, had left behind. Riley Jane was a greater Swiss mountain dog who weighed more than 120 pounds. The bigger the dog, the bigger the poop.

Kelsey’s dad, Jim, had just beaten her in HORSE. Again. Her reward was picking up Riley Jane’s poop. Piles of it. This wasn’t a dainty, one-plastic-bag operation, like taking a beagle on a walk at your local dog park. Plum had multiple bags. And she’d fill them all. She could hear her dad gloating while she traipsed through the yard.

“It’s so nice not having to pick up poop,” Jim said as he took a long sip of cold water.

Kelsey hated this. She hated picking up dog poop, but mostly she hated losing.



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