Bright lights hit Maggie Borland

May 4, 2018 on

LAS VEGAS — Maggie Borland stood on the sand in the Neon Museum’s North Gallery in early March with her arms folded across her chest and waited for her cue from the cameraman. Her Overwatch teammates from Boise State University joked with one another behind her as they practiced their poses.

With the camera rolling, the six team members — led by Borland — walked forward in a V formation. After a few steps, Borland crouched and gave her best game face to the camera while her teammates posed behind her.

The Boise State team was in Las Vegas to compete in the inaugural Mountain West eSports Showdown, a face-off between BSU and UNLV in three games: League of Legends, Overwatch and Rocket League. This video would be part of the promotion for the broadcast.

Program director Chris Haskell waved the group back to join the other two teams. He needed one person from each of the three teams to volunteer for interviews.

“Well, Maggie should obviously do the Overwatch interview because she’s the captain,” teammate Tyler Maynard said.

“Maggie is already doing an interview,” Haskell responded.

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