Anna Wilson: I’m more than a basketball player and more than Russell Wilson’s sister

April 7 2020 on | Anna Wilson as told to Katie Barnes

I DIDN’T EXPECT my basketball career to unfold the way that it has. And I certainly didn’t expect to receive a Twitter notification telling me that my senior season at Stanford was coming to an abrupt end due to a global pandemic. I thought I’d have a few more games, another chance to make a run at a championship. One last dance, as they say. Under normal circumstances, that might have felt devastating, but I’ve been thinking about life after sports for quite some time. Many of my fellow athletes are being forced to think about it today, much sooner than expected. But this is one thing I’ve learned: Your identity isn’t based on your circumstance.

I grew up in Richmond, Virginia, in a nice area. My dad was a lawyer. My mom was a nurse. I have two older brothers. One, Harry, with whom I share a birthday, is 14 years older than me. Russell is eight years older.

Yes, Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson is my brother. I’ll come back to that later.

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